Haifaa Al Mansour

Director "Saudi Arabia has a scary exterior on the outside, once people fly in they are pleasantly surprised."

Lujain Albishi

Assistant Director based in Jeddah "Most international crew are surprised by the availability of talent and equipment."

Stuart Sutherland

Producer - Born A King "Saudi's have big dreams and want to embrace international partnerships."

Khalid Alsudairy

Camera Man based in Riyadh "I believe it is a never ending pursuit in finding your voice through moving images."

Francoise Fourcade

Costume designer - Born A King "I was so surprised by the warmth and amazing welcome I received. I felt safe and accepted."

Afnan Bawyan

Script supervisor based in Jeddah. "Crews were able to experience a free space with different traditions and cultural backgrounds."

Abdulrahman Alnafisah

General Manager of Nebras Films and producer based in Riyadh. "During production I make sure filming runs smoothly for the producers and directors."

Ahmad Baagel

Production Designer/ Art Director Based In Riyadh "As an architect I have a passion of creating and building worlds, moving from one world to another following a storyline."