AlUla is a landscape of contrast with breathtaking rock formations, volcanic craters, luscious oases and vast sandstone canyons. Its remoteness has ensured much has remained untouched and for years this region has remained a largely hidden, vast and undisturbed wilderness. AlUla offers filmmakers pristine landscapes that have never been seen on screen.
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Heritage sites

Over thousands of years, many societies have travelled through AlUla’s valley and made it their home. We invite you to journey through a living museum of preserved tombs, ancient monuments, and historic dwellings that hold 200,000 years of human history.

Rock Formations

One contributor to AlUla’s mysterious beauty is the uniqueness of its rock formations, shaped by wind and water over millennia. Rock formations such as Elephant Rock, Kherb Mountain, and the haunting landscape of Gharameel have become major points of interest.


AlUla's Oasis historically made the region a cultural crossroads, the site of ancient kingdoms, and now a modern-day agricultural centre.


Stunning canyons with sandstone formations sit alongside golden sands, contrasting with the black volcanic rocks which overlook AlUla’s oasis.


AlUla boasts an array of modern and heritage buildings that offer unique and distinctive filming locations, from our ultra-modern conference centre, Maraya Venue, to the old stations of the Hijaz railway.


A vast desert area, AlUla reveals a remarkable and diversified desert landscape very close to the AlUla Town and the hotels and resorts.


Stark, black volcanic rock and inactive volcanoes stand atop sandstone and are surrounded by seas of golden sand to make for truly dramatic, other-worldly sights.

Towns and Villages

AlUla County is home to towns, villages, and farms set against picturesque, dramatic scenery. Its towns offer more industrial areas and factories, modern buildings, and mud brick houses still preserved in their original condition. Private homes can at times be used for filming, when use and rates are negotiated with the landlord and occupants.

Hotels and Resorts

AlUla has a variety of accommodation on offer, from luxury resorts and high-end villas with every possible amenity, to beautiful silver Airstream RV's in the stunning desert valleys.