Film AlUla Launches to promote international film production with financial and support incentives

AlUla, 22 February 2021: The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) today announced the launch of a brand-new regional film commission, Film AlUla, to promote the county of AlUla as a filming destination offering financial incentives, location diversity, production resources, and professional support for international and local feature film, TV drama, commercial, and documentary film production.

AlUla is a unique cultural oasis located in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia which has, until recently, been left virtually undiscovered by filmmakers and the world at large. AlUla boasts an expansive area, roughly the size of Belgium, of invaluable heritage sites, untouched wilderness, several microclimates, fascinating wildlife, and desert oases along what was historically known as the ‘incense route’. The city of AlUla is one of the oldest on the Arabian Peninsula, built in the 6th century BC. The county is also home to Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The county’s history dates back 200,000 years and monuments from the Stone Age through the Ancient Arabian Kingdoms, Nabateans, and Ottoman Empire still stand.

The vast scope of impressive, cinematic landscapes has begun attracting interest from international and regional productions. The wide range of diverse locations in AlUla can offer a fitting backdrop for a variety of film genres and stand-in for an array of different locations, countries, and cities, or even another period in time.

Production companies will be able to benefit from financial incentives. In addition, production companies benefit from other advantages of shooting in AlUla, such as free bespoke production support and consultation; location scouting; expert knowledge of filming in AlUla, the rest of Saudi Arabia, and the wider region; assisting with sourcing a professional local and regional supply chain of experienced crew, talent, production companies, and rental equipment; and year-round sunshine. With a temperate climate for nine months of the year, AlUla presents filmmakers with an uninterrupted, extended period of time in which to shoot their productions. Stephen

Strachan, Film Commissioner at The Royal Commission for AlUla, commented: “We are very excited to open AlUla’s doors to film production and share with the world the wealth of beauty, history, and diversity on display here. We are looking forward to supporting creatives and productions logistically and financially to help them achieve their artistic visions. In addition to the stunning landscapes,
monuments, and archaeology, AlUla is full of passionate, young storytellers and creators who are eager to welcome and support filmmakers from around the world.”

Phillip Jones, Chief Destination Management and Marketing Officer, RCU explained: “AlUla is a very special place that is by its very nature a journey through time, culture and civilisations, and we are honoured to invite local and international audiovisual artists to film their next project here. We are dedicated to preserving our heritage sites and landscapes, and to sustainably building our local screen industries, so that we can protect AlUla for future generations of artists and storytellers.”

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Editors Notes:

About Film AlUla:

Film AlUla is an entity of The Royal Commission for AlUla established to promote and support international film and TV production, nurture emerging filmmaking talent, and develop the country’s burgeoning film industry. AlUla is a region of outstanding natural and cultural significance in northwest Saudi Arabia featuring some of the world’s most sensational scenery and yet undiscovered historical monuments across an area the size of Belgium. It is home to the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site and 200,000 years of history, with access to monuments dating back to the Stone Age through to the Ancient Arabian Kingdoms, Nabateans, and Ottoman Empire. Productions that choose AlUla as a filming destination can benefit from financial incentives and access to a wide variety of historic locations, untouched wilderness, microclimates, and a temperate climate for nine uninterrupted months of the year.