AlUla Studios

Film AlUla completed phase one of its full-service world-class production facility.  The Studio Complex includes, two 25,000 square foot soundstages, backlot, production support buildings, workshops, warehouses, recording studio, training and rehearsal space, cafeteria, event space and an iconic administration building.

Studio Specifications:

Sound Stages

  • Floor epoxy 
  • Three horizontal ribbon boards located on the stage walls for tie back and connecting anything to stage walls 
  • ​Sound absorption 
  • Lighting grid for the internal lighting. 
  • Hanging Beam and Point Load
  • Catwalk  


  • 6m x 5m roll up door at each end –   Width:4.00 meters x Height: 5.00 meters internal roller doors
  • Each Partition has 2 Main Loading rolling shutter doors - Width: 6m x Height: 5 m
  • 1 Rolling Shutter door linking the Partitions - Width: 4m x Height: 5m
  • 3x100Amps = 157kva

Elephant doors and pedestrian access 

  • There are two Elephant doors for Sound Stage (W:6m x H: 6m)
  • 3 Egress Doors passing through airlock rooms (W:1.10m x H: 2.20m)
  • 1 Main Entrance Door passing through Airlock Room (W:2.00 x H:2.20m).
  • 1 Main Door Linking the Production building with the sound stage (W:2.00 x H:2.20)​

Car Park Shaded Area  

  • 320 Spots at Parking Area
    • 144 spots are shaded with solar system
    • 30 shaded spots at Sound Stage building’s canopies
    • 14 Spots shaded at Warehouses’ canopies
  • 300 parking area

Studio Power Supply

  • 960kva total 6 pieces of 4x300A disconnect Switches available
  • 160kva per power outlet
  • 4 on floor, each wall and 2 in ceiling. 


Power outside Stages parking
  • 26kva 2 pieces of 3x80A Disconnect Switches available for each sound stage.


Not only that, our studios have:

  • Seasoned international studio management team dedicated to service and problem solving.

  • Dedicated location team with vast knowledge of AlUla’s locations.

    • Many pristine locations at or within proximity to the studio facility.
    • Backlot includes dunes, mountains, riverbeds, valleys, and miles of unobstructed views,
  • Workshops and backlot space to support and create modern city streets, ancient town markets and everything in between sets.

  • Dedicated Government liaison to support permitting and rebate/incentive applications and documentation.

  • Purpose built Crew accommodation 10 minutes from the Studio.

    • Including pool, gym, restaurants, housekeeping, ensuite kitchens, and laundry service.

  • Full 24/7 security and safety teams.

  • 20 minutes from AlUla’s international airport and outside the flightpath.


Please contact email [email protected] for more information.