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 Located in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia, AlUla County is an extraordinary area of untouched wilderness and natural beauty that for thousands of years was an important crossroads for ancient civilizations.

Filming in alula

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AlUla's extraordinary sweeping vistas are the perfect backdrop for a wide genre of audiovisual content. Such as historical epics, fantasy adventures, extra-terrestrial worlds, and war dramas.

Heritage sites

Over thousands of years, many societies have travelled through AlUla’s valley and made it their home. We invite you to journey through a living museum of preserved tombs, ancient monuments, and historic dwellings that hold 200,000 years of human history.

Rock Formations

One contributor to AlUla’s mysterious beauty is the uniqueness of its rock formations, shaped by wind and water over millennia. Rock formations such as Elephant Rock, Kherb Mountain, and the haunting landscape of Gharameel have become major points of interest.


AlUla's Oasis historically made the region a cultural crossroads, the site of ancient kingdoms, and now a modern-day agricultural centre.


Stunning canyons with sandstone formations sit alongside golden sands, contrasting with the black volcanic rocks which overlook AlUla’s oasis.


AlUla boasts an array of modern and heritage buildings that offer unique and distinctive filming locations, from our ultra-modern conference centre, Maraya Venue, to the old stations of the Hijaz railway.

Production Guide

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Film AlUla’s Production Guide introduces you to all aspects of filming in AlUla, provides information on funding opportunities and financial incentives, film locations, and permitting, as well as useful facts and figures about AlUla County and Saudi Arabia.

Production Guide

Filming in Alula

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